Sunday, February 22, 2009

In Plain Sight | Bullseye

A few years ago, I cringed at the idea of placing huge bullseyes on buildings where they could be seen by passenger airline traffic. Even thinking about the words "airline", "Target", and "building" in the same context surely triggers some CIA recording device, right?

It was 2003, I was working at Target HQ, and behind me a plotter was slowly spitting out a huge drawing of the iconic bullseye logo. What I thought to be a cover sheet turned out to be a roof that would be repeated around the country on new stores located in major flightpaths.

Years later, when I saw the roof of the new Richfield store from the air (above), the uneasyness had only slightly diminished. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Think of the implications of this for building as marketing. Airplanes have been around for decades and we don't see this type of roofscapes branding. But Google Earth has only been around for a couple of seconds and now we see these icons pointed to the sky... think of the possibilities next time you try to find something on Google maps.

Tom said...

Atleast this is desing regardless of it's quality, better than AC units and gravel!