Tuesday, February 17, 2009

AIA-MN Office Refresh | Week 4

The look of the office changed dramatically this week as a few major tasks were completed. The teal paint disappeared entirely, the front entry gate was removed and replaced by a swinging glass door, new light fixtures were hung, new countertops were installed, and modern wood cladding was wrapped around the front office.

More images are available in the slideshow to the right.


Anonymous said...

This classic boring AIA architecture.

Brandon Stengel said...

Anonymous, are you suggesting that designs by AIA-member firms are boring compared to non-member firms? How would you improve on the look of the office?

Anonymous said...

The work appear to be predictable office build out. It would be nice to see our local AIA reach out to the growing number of suffering architects with a competition and gernerate something inspiring and possibly life changing for someone's career.