Thursday, January 29, 2009

Now Open | Burnsville Performing Arts Center

As the centerpiece of the controversial $150M "Heart of the City" redevelopment, the Burnsville Performing Arts Center sits amidst an ongoing battle which seems to pit urban against suburban, foresight against immediacy, and--perhaps most infuriating--art against economy. Elegantly designed by Ankeny Kell Architects, the 1,000-seat BPAC has--so far--only attracted attention because of its $20M pricetag and the politics behind its approval.

So, even though the planning process began three years ago, is it fair to cry foul when a showy (and color-changing) cultural destination opens its doors in such a bitter economic climate? And, even though the paint hasn't been given a chance to dry, can we predict its viability? Will its design affect either of those questions?

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