Friday, September 19, 2008

In Plain Sight | The Glass House

Trying to look like you're not taking a picture? This is what you'll get.

Even though the property was supposed to be closed to the public at the time, a maintenance worker was kind enough to show my friend James and I around Philip Johnson's famed acreage outside New Canaan, Connecticut.

It was spring of 2005, Johnson had recently passed away, and The National Trust For Historic Preservation had begun the process of preparing the "Glass House" for presentation to the public.

We had already wandered into the unfinished (and unlocked) visitor's center, and the groundskeeper was being very kind about shooing us away. "I have to go get a few things out of the house; you're welcome to come with...but NO pictures."

Now open to the public, tours of the property are sold out for the rest of the year. Reservations for 2009 will be accepted starting September 23rd.

Oh, and legitimate photography is allowed on the $40 tour.

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