Monday, January 16, 2006

The Twin's Ballpark Proposal?

Time for architect's to weigh in on this omnipresent issue. You can visit any number of websites from the official MLB Twins site and the Twinsville site to other sites like Squeeze Play: The Campaign for a New Twins Stadium for different perspectives, history and information on the new ballpark proposal. Just Google "twins ballpark", but don't forget to watch the clock!


Anonymous said...

I very much favor the use of the space, especially as it would take advantage of the existing infrastructre (parking and LRT) without eating up prime land somewhere in the hinterlands; a flavor somewhat similar to Boston or Baltimore.

reaXtions said...

Yes, but what about the 800 pound gorilla, that county tax subsidy for a billionaire (oh, I'm sorry, it's for the citizens of Minnesota)?

And what about the economic development argument, that the stadium and all the lofts rising everywhere in the area will spawn a booming "Twinsville" for years to come? Buy it, does it even matter, is the cold Omaha threat that strong? And I haven't even mentioned the garbage burner next door.

Aren't we just the next Bumpkins?