Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Elsewhere in the Blogscape

It's hard to write about the intersection of land and building in winter. That intersection tends to become a slippery, icy, stomp-your-boots, pile-your-coats-and-hats-and-mittens kind of space. So today I'll take a moment to highlight a couple of other landscape related blogs worth checking out. These are a few of my favorites. Are there any I missed?

Landscape Urbanism
From North Dakota State landscape architecture grad and current Portland, OR, resident Jason King comes this eclectic compendium of urban issues. Posts range from the quite long to the short and sweet. It’s all Jason, but his style is simple and readable. He’s also got a spin-off site called veg.i.tecture, which deals exclusively with (predictably) vegetated architecture (green roofs, living walls, etc.).

Residing on the well-respected urban planning website Planetizen, Interchange is a group blog that features “leaders in the field” tackling subjects in their bailiwick. There are 60 contributors, which may seem overwhelming, but Interchange manages to strike a good balance between regular content and not hearing from the same person over and over again. These are big names in the field, so worth a regular check-in.

This one is really fun to look at, with an always unpredictable mix of stuff. It used to be pretty regular, but posts have tapered off in the past few months. Please come back, Mr. Trevi.

Garden Visit
The name is a little odd, I know, but this small-group blog is part of a website devoted to letting you know how you can get out and see works of landscape architecture and garden design (dear to my own wanderlust heart). I just discovered this one and haven’t read much, but it looks promising. It spans the globe and often takes a well-founded critical look at urban design issues (like, on January 27, why the cities with the best urban form don’t make the grade in terms of economic productivity – hmmm…).

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