Thursday, January 14, 2010

Exploded View - Matt Olson "Scattered Light "

If you've been following along with my Exploded View posts here, you may have noticed how much I talk about cross disciplinary actions. I think it's so important for designers, architects and other creative professionals to wander into art, music, fashion etc. to broaden and inform their context. I thought I should share an example of what that means to me and how I've built that into my life this winter.

ROLU, the design studio I co-founded six years ago, recently commissioned a work by ASDF, a collaboration between the artists Mylinh Trieu Nguyen and David Horvitz. Having been inspired by my own involvement with their work, the studio asked them to create something with a strong element of participation, involving anyone who was interested. We asked that the work encourage people to think about space and their surroundings in a new, broader way. They came up with Scattered Light: a participation based poster project and attendant photo exhibition (follow link for full description). The project culminates next spring with a show at Art Of This gallery in Minneapolis.

So with this post, besides my usual refrain encouraging you to try new things, get involved, see things differently, dod something you might not normally do... I'm giving you an opportunity to do just that, as you are invited and encouraged to participate in Scattered Light.

I really hope you do.


Anonymous said...

How do we participate?

Matt Olson said...

easy! by taking a photo. here's a full description of the project...

hope that explains it and i hope you participate!