Sunday, December 07, 2008

In Plain Sight | Northrup King Building

Think of it as Indie-dale.

Personally, those other malls make me sleepy, and I find their goods are equally as tired. So if you're looking for unique holiday favors, old and new, the Northrup King Building boasts more than 170 art, design, and non-profit storefronts to choose from.

There's something here for everyone. Sis just passed the bar exam? Give her a David Bowman print to hang in her loft. Mom wants a new kitchen? Call up Locus Architecture to schedule a consultation. Is crazy uncle Ray still tinkering with that time machine in the basement? Give him some antique scientific equipment from the PPL Shop.

Special shopping hours every Saturday until Santa arrives.


Anonymous said...

Nice. I've never heard of this place in my 8 years of living in MPLS. I'm honestly going to check it out, thanks for sharing.

Tom Wasmoen, AIA said...

I have driven by this building a number of times and thought there must be something intersting going on here. Thanks for the tip, we will be planning a Saturday trip to explore!

Brandon Stengel said...

I haven't been in many of the artist studios, but the PPL Shop on the first floor is a wonderland of surplus office furniture, industrial equipment, and other indescribable miscellanea. Fans of Ax-Man, Room and Board Outlet, the Habitat ReStore, and olde tyme auction sales will not be disappointed.