Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Guest Post | Chris Hudson

The January/February issue of Architecture Minnesota debuts a new department—45 Degrees North, by Threshold editor John Dwyer, AIA (see John’s related post below)—and this prompted the magazine staff to take stock of all the front-of-magazine features we’ve introduced since the redesigned Architecture Minnesota hit newsstands in March 2006. (See my Editor’s Note for a gloss of the new departments.) We’d love to hear your thoughts! Is 45 Degrees North off to a good start? Which departments do you most look forward to reading? Which is your least favorite? And do you have ideas for how to improve it?


Anonymous said...

I love the new Threshold column, particularly the posts on design experirments. Very thought provoking.

Colin said...

Chris as one of your contributors to the blog I had to chime in, I really love Adam Ardvison's work. The way the podcast brought his work in the Magazine to life is really nice. I'd encourage you to include images with the podcast next time. This intersection between media rich content on the web and the printed word is great!

Tom said...

I really like how the AIA is starting to put out a blogg. I like the updates on events and the innovative stuff in Design Experiments and 45 Degrees. It would be nice if they were more consistant with entries every week. It's cool to see this type of young work in MN.