Sunday, October 05, 2008

Out There | Pine/Cone

There's a world outside of Yonkers...

But seriously, outbuildings fascinate me to no end. The buildings that exist in between buildings and take on properties unlike others. They can be objects in the landscape and at times they are the landscape. They can be pure folly and pure function. There are private ones and public ones. Short ones, tall ones, even ones with rocks...

I love the breadth and width of these in between structures and the potential they have to save the world without anyone knowing it. So I decided it was time to start featuring a few, perhaps one a month.

The first was done by my dear friend and colleague David Wagner over at SALA. It's pure delight, architectural chocolate. And if anyone can figure out how it's framed, I'll give you a special prize. No, Dave, you can't answer. It's called the Pine/Cone and was built as part of the Landscape Arboretum's annual design competition. The striking simplicity of it makes me smile. It also made the jury for the AIA Small Projects Award smile.

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