Monday, February 05, 2007

An Architect with Award-Winning Wit

Phillip Koski, AIA, a recent recipient of the 2007 AIA national Young Architects Award, is kind of a big deal. Recently named Citizen Koski by Linda Mack, he has been building a local reputation for years as a architect about town. Possessing a passion for historic preservation, the profession of architecture and writing, he's become a trusted source for a unique and witty perspective on architecture for the public in Minnesota, notably in articles in Architecture Minnesota like Save the Guthrie! Again (March 2057) in the Jan/Feb 2007 issue.

Anyone care to suggest an idea for a future article for Phillip? Submit below, please.


Anonymous said...

I've always hoped for a series of "onion" awards that are given in other cities like San Diego used to do. We should lighten up and not be afraid of some humorous yet serious poking fun at ourselves (architects that is). Everyone else knows Minnesota nice isn't so nice. Since not another person commented on the awards post after "Boxes 'R Us" we need a good lesson in not thinking ourselves so important as beyond self criticism. It would be good for all.

John Dwyer said...

Next stop, young architect of the world! Congrats, Philip. Much deserved. Your community service resume is longer than the dead sea scrolls. You're a role model for our profession.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

To the post above mine, you have really put your finger on the entire profession. With that kind of insight into this business, I have no doubt that you'll build up your architect reputation and hook up all the people that visits your buildings.