Monday, December 11, 2006

AIA MN Awards: Boxes 'R Us?

One could argue that this year’s three jurors from Boston, Cincinnati and Quebec City, gravitated toward modern and simple boxes in their selection of ten honor award-winning projects of the 128 submitted. See Linda Mack's review "Forms that Function" in the December 10th Star Tribune Sunday Arts section.

With an awards program history of over fifty years to reflect on, each year’s jury is always unique, hopefully balanced, but presented with a highly charged task of critiquing the best of design excellence. There’s bound to be differing views on the outcome from architects. This year is no exception. Care to share your thoughts on the 2006 honor awards or constructive ideas for future programs?


Anonymous said...

For me, this year's AIA MN design award selection equalled exactly 7 Boxes and 3 Swoops. Well... make that 3 tiny boxes, 2 small boxes and 2 large boxes, one with several other boxes stacked on itself.

Awards aside, deserving no doubt, I'm especially glad for the kids at Breck now that they have a new "sense of arrival" with all that accompanying light, study tables, comfortable furniture and a fireplace to boot. Can't imagine the embarrassment of their disorientation. Maybe someone could suggest a color for the front doors at Southwest HS, they're in need of paint for the last decade, that beige just won't do anymore, not much to ask? Or better yet, let's build them a new box for an entry. Any volunteers?

Anonymous said...

Please, no more boxes with metal siding. I think Vince James has exhausted that one.

Also, drop the 'scandinavian heritage' claims local architects here make again, and again.

Go to Scandinavia and check out the cutting edge designs emerging from their architects.