Thursday, March 30, 2006

Matrix, AIA Minnesota’s New Member Newsletter, Goes Electronic.

It’s still eight pages and you can print it if you must, but we hope you’ll warm up to the e-version. The content is more timely and allows a more comprehensive view of what’s going on at AIA Minnesota – more images recapping the previous month’s activities and more opportunities to be in the know on upcoming events. Also, we’re moving toward easy sign-up and ways to provide feedback to your chapter, committee and organization leaders.

Please spend some time reviewing Matrix’s first issue and share your comments. Link to it here on the AIA Minnesota website.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Architect
OK I will be first.

Being an electronic luddite who speed reads, I do not like elctronic versions of magazine formats - too hard to read quickly. I like to skim/flip thru the hard copy version to pick and choose what I am interested in reading in greater detail. But, I don't want to print it out just to read it.

Beyond that - MATRIX is great. The format is great. The graphics are great. The photos are great. It is great way to communicate alot of info to the membership in a hurry without printing & mailing costs and delays. (I guess you can tell that I was greatly influenced by Tony the Tiger sometime in my past.)

I have not yet mastered the technique to fill in and return the lunch registration form with out copying to an e-mail or printing the page and faxing. I am graphically inclined so need to have the secret method drawn out for me.

reaXtions said...

Good point on the registration interface which would be a great feature if it were possible to link a .pdf format and CE/luncheon registrations. I don't think it is though. You can go to the AIAMN website under "Local Chapters" to find the .pdf to download, fill in and fax back. A little cumbersome I admit but a bit better than copying the form from Matrix. We'll get on it and see.

Ever miss an episode of Rocky and Bullwinkle?

Anonymous said...

On the one hand, it is nice to have the newsletter on-line, up to date and readily available (both through website and in my e-mail system) at any time during the month. However, the layout of the e-newsletter should shift its layout to be read on-line if necessary. Rather than vertical columns and a lot of scrolling, more horizontal layouts. Also, some sort of a quick link/index at the beginning to jump to different portions of the newsletter would help with navigation and for looking back at newsletters after the initial reading.

It is wonderful to have a fully linked newsletter, so signing up for aia events and linking to committee webpages is immediately available- is there a way to set it up so a new browser window opens rather than losing the newsletter upon clicking on a link? I know it can be done at the user end, just wondering if it is something that can be changed in the format/code of the newsletter.

All in all, great! Our firm prints out one copy for lunch time reading, and all of us have access to it on our own!